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⨷⟣ fanarts & fractals⟢⨷


Newest fractal
free background :D by spinoza1996

newest fractals
free background :D by spinoza1996Odyssey by spinoza1996
magic dust party (free background) by spinoza1996neat... Free Walpaper ! by spinoza1996
HD wallpaper : walls of a dead future by spinoza1996
fractal wallpaper  : Golden luck by spinoza1996fractal wallpaper : lemon flower by spinoza1996
Jwildfire! :D wallpaper by spinoza1996sweet dark fractal wallpaper by spinoza1996[wallpaper] seeing pond by spinoza1996

(free to use! ) Dusty Sky 2 by spinoza1996free background : So this is christmas... by spinoza1996

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commissions rules

🔵 What you need to know

- commissions are closed for now, stay tuned :D
- Commissions are for my watchers only ! family first !

- Be patient : I'm really slow, and can take more than a week before answering ;)

- commission me by note

- if you don't see any commission/donation widget, it means they are closed ^^

- feel free to remind me of a commission I haven't done, i tend to forget the simplest things :)

🔵 I can draw :

- anything.

🔵 But I won't draw :

- Your Oc doing nothing. I have so many OCs to draw, it gets boring !
- something that has already been asked ( look in the gallery )

:iconcommissionsclosed: :iconcollabsopen: :iconrequestsclosed:


quick portrait
Kami sketch (minimalistic wallpaper?) by spinoza1996
this is how I imagine you, Hero. by spinoza1996
The fabulous King of the Internets (doodle) by spinoza1996
Andernos by spinoza1996
warning ! send a note for the commission ! I don't use the widget interface for payment !

rules : 

• not more than 2  characters, headshot.
• I can draw people kissing, hugging, but porn requests have only tiny chances to be accepted.
be patient, I'm slow to answer, but don't hesitate to remind me your com if you think I forgot about it :D
SPACE and MAGIC commission
Whale for Zee Album by spinoza1996
Not ready, last farewell by spinoza1996
interstellar doodle by spinoza1996
(free to use! ) Dusty Sky 2 by spinoza1996
dusty sky by spinoza1996
''the green planet and the giant moon'' Commission by spinoza1996
warning ! send a note for the commission ! I don't use widget interface for payment !
for everything wich main focus is magic, space, surrealistic stuff.

rules : 

• if you want planets, not more than 5 big planets 

• Spaceships will be simplified, I won't draw every circuit and window of it!

• not more than 1 first-plan character ! 
Commission for Sleepingforest [HQ before crash] by spinoza1996
a fairy's tears by spinoza1996
Monthly commission : Game over ! by spinoza1996
even further beyond (Frieza's training session) by spinoza1996
warning : commission me by note! :D

•subject : anything with maximum 3 first-plan characters. can contain complex objects, etc.

• quality : maximum. I will put all my skill in it. Like... 300% of my normal skill level.

• requirements :  a link to a reference picture, a description of the pose or attitude of the characters. 
note the commission, pay through donation widget.

• +200 per additional character (except if it's just a silhouette/small person in the background ) except if you're a friend and you can accept that I take a huge amount of time drawing it :D


:iconoff-fc: :iconlord-emperor-fans: :iconthechurchofepic:

⨷⟣ paintings and commissions ⟢⨷

Featured painting
even further beyond (Frieza's training session) by spinoza1996

Newest paitings
Goku! :) by spinoza1996
(commission) I own you. by spinoza1996referenceless practice by spinoza1996
even further beyond (Frieza's training session) by spinoza1996Com for shadaze93 + Youtube Speed paint !! by spinoza1996
doodle : fragile by spinoza1996Vegeta sketch by spinoza1996
Monthly commission : Game over ! by spinoza1996philosophia bird doodle by spinoza1996

my groups

:iconyou-deserve-more::iconlord-emperor-fans: :iconenderman-alliance::iconthechurchofepic:

I want to make a drawing tuto ! what subject would you like? 

4 deviants said Eyes / lips
4 deviants said night sky, stars and nebulae
3 deviants said Zombies
2 deviants said mountains
2 deviants said clouds
No deviants said That thing I can't draw but want to : [comment]


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Shadaze93 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Writer
Hey salut c: , je sais que ça fait suuuuuuper longtemps (et je comprendrai totalement si tu t'en rappelles pas) mais quand je t'ai envoyé ma commission c'était pour 2 personnages. Tu m'as bien fais la première mais pas la deuxième partie UVU. Je me doute que tu as autre chose à faire désolé, c'est juste que j'aimerai savoir ce qu'il en est.
spinoza1996 Featured By Owner 17 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
yo! En effet je ne m'en souvenais plus desolée !*sourire gêné*
peux-tu me dire de quoi il s'agissait? je serai bientôt en vacances, du coup je pourrai rattraper mon retard sur tout ce que j'ai zapé pendant la periode scolaire ^^
ImportAutumn Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks for joining the Deviant-Hunting community Spin! Looking forward to seeing some of your art in the group galleries and hope you like a lot of the art posted by the other members! :D
KumoBonsaiBlast Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist

Thanks for the Llama Badge!!
The-Shadoux Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey there! :)
I was wondering if, since you haven't started my commission yet, could I change it?
spinoza1996 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
sooo... what's the new one?
The-Shadoux Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry for taking so long to respond, my life's been kind of crazy lately.

What I'd like is a girl, hanging from a blue noose. Have her be kind of towards the right, in the middle ground. Light should be coming from behind her (the warehouse door or window). On the left side of the picture have a girl in the foreground looking at the scene (maybe like a bust of her sort of? Do what you think looks good. The second girl I haven't drawn yet, but here's her description and kind of who I based her look off:

She was about five foot six with a slim yet sturdy figure. Pale white skin contrasted luxuriant, jet-black hair not much longer than my own. It was styled to curve up at the front before swerving down to partially cover her right eye. The girl wore minimal makeup, only a bit of onyx shadow and liner around her translucent ice blue eyes. Her clothing gave her a rugged, almost punk style. Thin chains hung from her belt while black leather bands and a hefty watch adorned her wrists. Torn charcoal colored jeans and threadbare sneakers paired with a smoky gray tank top and weathered leather jacket completed the look.Small, rough hands and nimble fingers twirled a razor-edged steel switchblade which glinted in the early morning sunlight.……

The description above is a snippet from the book I'm working on, and the scene I described above is a scene from the story. I'm also going to show you the intro of the book, which is where the hanging girl gets killed. (Please note the second girl did not kill the first, she's just the one who found the scene). But this will hopefully inspire you, and it will give a detailed description of what the hanging girl should look like. Also, this is not the final draft, soe please excuse any spelling/grammar errors.


I sat cross-legged on the chilly cement floor, intent on my work. Every now and then I glanced up, scanning the empty warehouse. It seemed to stretch on almost forever in a man-made wasteland of metal and stone. Nobody goes there anymore, and so it made the perfect place to get away and think. Not a sound could be heard save the rhythmic dripping of warm blood on the solid ground. It was an enchanting sound, and soothed me as I refocused on my task. The indigo shoelaces in my hands formed a secure knot as I pulled them carefully into place. Everything had to be perfect for her. I hoped she wouldn't mind not all the shoelaces were hers. I had bought the same brand and color so they would all match, though the ones from her own shoes I made sure would rest against her neck. It takes so long to ties and weave a rope out of shoelaces, but I knew it was worth it. People think that murder is simply the act of killing someone. But that's not entirely true. Sure, anyone can kill if given a knife or gun, but there is more to murder than that. Murder is an art, something that needs to be inspired. You have to feel passionate about it, and focused, yet exited to try your new method. I personally do not have a favorite way to murder people. I like to wander in the early morning looking for something to inspire me... something I haven't done before. Once I find my inspiration I'll watch for a distance and wait for the to seize my subject. No, not subjects. Not victims either. Terms like that are so harsh, so cruel. I like to think of them more as my canvases, for if it were not for them as my base I could not create what I do. The police call me the 'Casual Killer', and the papers say I kill without motive. They just don't understand me though. They haven't even given me credit for all the masterpieces I have created. Only eleven cases to my name, a mere third of my beautiful canvases recognized. I could use a symbol to mark them as my works, but I feel that would nick the inspiration.

After a few hours of work the shoelace rope was finally complete, and with a few precise motions I fastened it into a noose. That task then complete I stood quietly, looking over at my newest canvas. Her arm bled from where a scrap of steel cut her in the alley where she stumbled attempting to elude me. I inhaled deeply, the crimson liquid's metallic aroma soothing me. As I looked down at my canvas she began to stir in the chair where I had placed her. As her eyes fluttered open a little groan escaped her pale rose lips. At this sound I moved a finger to my own lips, whispering gentle “Shhh.”

She was a pretty little canvas, eighteen years old with just the right amount of curve to her slim figure. Her face was rounded and fair, with faintly tanned skin and gentle features. Straight dirty blonde hair fell midway down her chest, illuminated with rich golden highlights. Her eyes were heavily outlined with ebony makeup, a look not many people can pull off yet worked brilliantly for her. A fuscia hoodie speckled with white covered her torso and arms while black running pants clothed her legs, a hot pink stripe running along the side of each lower limb. Her feet were bare, for I had taken her shoes, but the nails were carefully painted a deep purple. A silver chain necklace hung around her slender neck, and various colored bands hugged her wrists. I could have used either of those accessories to kill her as well, but I have used necklaces before, and the wristbands did not inspire me this time. No, I'm sure shoelaces were the proper choice.

I had rendered her unconscious with Xenon, and though some last fogginess still clouded her eyes the drug was beginning to wear off. Just in time too. The noose was ready and hung from the rafters, and I don't like having to wait to finish my masterpieces. Noticing the noose looming above her my canvas began to panic, but her struggles were limited since her wrists were bound to the chair in which she sat. I do not like tying up my canvases but they always struggle so much at first. I simply don't have a choice. They usually begin to cooperate after a while though. I think they just want it to be over. The cops never find my masterpieces before they are complete, for they're always finished before anyone realizes the canvases are missing.

Where am I? Who is he? What the hell is going on? Why does my arm hurt so much?! Wait. Now I remember. That sick bastard kidnapped me! What is he doing now? Is that a noose made of shoelaces? Where are my shoes? I need to get out of here now! Nobody even knows I'm gone. My family thinks I'm at work and my coworkers will assume I'm at home sick or something. Great, now what? Why is he coming towards me? No! NO! Ugh, I can't get my hands free! Help! Someone! Anyone! Please! ….........What's the point, nobody can hear me. Still, I've got to try and get out of here.”

I let her struggle for a bit to work off her nerves, I understand this must be a rather stressful thing for her. But I like my canvases to be a bit more relaxed, and I always give them time to accept what's happening. That's another thing killers don't understand. They look for the fear in their victim's eyes, the horror on their face. All they hunt for is death and pain. That's not what I do. I look for the life in my canvases eyes. It appears in glimmers while they struggle to come to the realization of the situation at hand. But the best, more pure moment of life is that second before death. The moment they realize they're going to die, and remember every moment in which they lived. It's magnificent.

She finally quieted down after nearly five hours of panic. It was almost admirable, most of my canvases had given up before then. A strong desire to lived burned in her, and I knew her passing would be wonderfully beautiful. I had spoken to her a few times, telling her of my past works and the plan I had for her. But the time for stories was over. “Now then my dear, are you ready?” I spoke to her softly, not wanting to spook her again. She nodded slowly, exhausted and dazed from her hours of struggle. “Good then,” I nodded in return. “Let's begin.”

After untying her wrists I asked her to stand on the chair, a request which she obliged. This simple task completed I placed the noose around her throat, being careful not to mess up her hair. She flinched as the woven rope brushed her skin, but did not back away. I stood back for a moment, a faint smile on my face as I looked upon my work, now almost complete. As I looked into her eyes she stared back at mine, both of us knowing I would be the last person she'd ever see. After a few seconds I walked forward slowly, pushing the chair from under her feet before backing away. She flailed and struggled again, grasping at the rope as the realization of what she was doing finally hit her. She looked at me as if I had betrayed and tricked her, yet it was in that moment I saw the look of pure life I had been searching for. It was beautiful, just as she was. Then it was over. She slipped into unconsciousness as the blood flow to her brain was interrupted. I knew it was only a matter of time before she died. Her bare feet dangled above the ground, her limp body gently swaying back and forth. My work was complete, my canvas finished.

Now I can rest until tomorrow.

spinoza1996 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
oooh, that's a lot of text ! It took me two weeks before deciding to read it ! each time I read my messages, there was the dilemma : do your maths homework or read this long english text? 

finally, I'm glad I did read. it's a impressive story, and I have a couple nice scenes in mind. Sorry for being one of the slowest asses on Earth ^^
spinoza1996 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
yep :D
FlorZuculemtha1 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2016
you donate me points please ?
Psycho-Leo Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
jazzyloveswolves Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2015  Hobbyist
i love ur art qwq <3 *admires*
spinoza1996 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
siriusly? :squee: thank you ! meow !!!Thank You Hug 
jazzyloveswolves Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2015  Hobbyist
Yes XD xxxx
And no problem *cuddles*
Mew cx
Azure-Dragon-Seiryu Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks for the llama
Shirai-Ryu-Girl Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2015
Happy Birthday!!! :hug:
spinoza1996 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
myaaah ! thank you ! :happy: 
Shirai-Ryu-Girl Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2015
No problem :hug:

Your art is amazing :)
Kenjisama Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
appy Birthday~~!
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