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How Slenderman died and why we're all guilty

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 21, 2014, 8:14 AM
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I am disgusted. clearly, deeply, puke-ly disgusted.  Let me tell you a story :

" At the beginning, there were some dark, blurry pictures of a mysterious, thin faceless stalker.

white-hooded thin man ? paranormal?  what are these weird limbs, as thin as branches?

Then, they gave him an identity and powers.

it seems it can teleport... my camera is glitching.
                                                      what the hell is happening?! what is it?!
.........My head hurts... I've been having nightmares recently.

 where am I? 
                                                          why is there blood in my hair ?!

And they made series and games. games everyone played.
And they made fanarts, Fanservice, fan-things. a  fandom was born.

And then, they created Ocs. Good Ocs. Ocs were becoming famous, And they became canons, nearly part of the myths.

and the Ocs started becoming more and more famous, more numerous, more powerful. Some of them had faces, some of them were fun , some others were world conquerers, some others were sexy as strippers.... ... 
wait?! isn't Slender supposed to be a stalker, lurking in the shadows around children, never clearly seen, mysterious and lone?!  

World conquerers, strippers, cute, kawaii,  always-angry-OCs-with-wide-mouths full of sharp teeth, insanes girls with tentacles  CANT BE PART OF SLENDER'S MYTHS !! PLEASE INTERNET, PLEASE !

if you call your OC a "slender", it means you relate it to this mysterious phenomenon that appears on children photos before they disappear, these weird nightmares, memory losses and ⊗bsessions this girl had before vanishing! 

and last thing : In the games, in marble hornet and in the original pictures, we never see the 
 perat⊗r kill anyone.   So,  characters  who aren't mysterious at all, who have killing sprees everyday, who are sexy, fancy, world-conquering, dictators, with an army, a face, cute-colourful things on them CANT BE Slender related.   They  can be inferuses, demons, monsters, ANYTHING but not "slenders". This word should never take an "s". 

I used to be fascinated by slender mythos. it was so mysterious it could be anything ! 

But internet and Deviantart killed this myths, giving him family, friends, ennemies and MOAR OCs.


Rest in peace, former symbol of nameless fear. 

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