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Enlightened from the inside by spinoza1996

a flower for the gods [less crappy resolution] by spinoza1996 frozen chaos by spinoza1996

  abstract doodle : lonely Dilemma by spinoza1996 Kenny Mc Cormick VS Wolverine ! LIGHTSABER FIGHT ! by spinoza1996 Commission for Isabiri123 VERSION 1 by spinoza1996

Commission for VVayvvard : the Keeper by spinoza1996 Today's doodle 22/08/2014 by spinoza1996
Forest speed paint by spinoza1996



:iconenderman-alliance: :iconjasderofangirlsunity:

⨳ ⟣ Welcome ⟢ ⨳



🔵 Can I ask you for commission/ collab/ request?
- check the 3 buttons below to see if they're open^^ If they're not, watch my updates, I usually re-open them when the old comz are fnished^^

🔵 Why did you give me a llama?
- I like your art/found something cool/funny in your profile, or I wanted to encourage you. Now ride your llama through the mountains of destiny !

🔵 What are your commission rules?
⬇︎ :D read :D ⬇︎

:iconcommissionsclosed: :iconcollabsopen: :iconrequestsclosed:


commissions rules

🔵 What you need to do

- read the rules before asking a commission, so you have less chances of getting a "no" :)
- scroll down and choose a commission in my categories
- Be patient : I'm really slow, and can take more than a week before answering ;)

- If I refuse, don't get upset. it can mean I'm too busy, or I clicked the wrong button, or you didn't respect the commission rules. just ask, I won't eat you^^ (...unless you look really, really tasty )

🔵 I can draw :

- anything you may ask, (scenes, people, objects, animals, landscapes, etc...) except what's written below :

🔵 I won't draw :

- Your Oc doing nothing. it has already been asked too many times !
- something that has already been asked ( look in the gallery )
- Porn
- Oc x Sexual offenderman
- poo, pee, things that disgust me.
- Propaganda (except if it's humorous)


Design / Re-design
Eye of Ender re-design by spinoza1996
you've created an object and you want a neat picture for it? with some re-design?

Just give : 

• a picture of the original object. it can be clothing, artefact, weapon, anything but NOT a character (for a character add +10:iconpointsplz:
• If you just want a neat picture of it ( abstract background + shading ) or if you want me to add details/make a new design for it. 

The deviation in example is a re-design for an eye of ender ( minecraft ). see credits in deviation page.
Indexed colours work
artwork with a specific number of colours (from 2 to 6 )
it can be anything including hd wallpaper, portraits, scenes,

limits : 
•not more than 3 characters, not more than 2 full bodies.
•Not breaking the commission rules.

you must give : 
• a description of what you want (if it's a specific character, give a link to a ref sheet/picture
• in what style ( realistic, anime, comics, punkish, etc. . . ) 
•if it's a wallpaper, give your screen size / resolution. 
•What colours ( ex "I want everything to be white and black, except for a red rose" )
Line art
Pokemon character design#1 [lineart] by spinoza1996
Sketch/lineart for collab with Darkqueen808 by spinoza1996
line Commission for lotusdaniellily by spinoza1996
Line commission : Ebony K. Black by spinoza1996
lineart commission for Mr-Kichi by spinoza1996
clean sketch.
can draw 1 or 2 characters or objects with or without background
you must give as many details as you can about what you want to be drawn and in what style :)

for greyscale ( 5th example )or detailed background add 5:points:
portrait with simple background
Today's doodle 22/08/2014 by spinoza1996
Beginner and artist by spinoza1996
 half body portrait with full shading and abstract background.

you MUST :
 - give a link to a picture (or ref sheet ) of your character. 
 - Tell if your character is to be considered as creepy/dark/sexy/cute/impressive/ funny/etc.. for me to decide of how the picture will impact viewers. ( in the first example, the character is considered as creepy ). 
Anything, Maximum quality
Comission#2 : Stellay Warrior VS Offenderman ! by spinoza1996
request fairy hunting (2 seconds before bloodshed) by spinoza1996
Steve, you'd better watch your nether portal!-old- by spinoza1996
wallpaper quality picture With 1~4 characters, not +18 rated.

• Try to put the maximum details in your request to make sure I won't spend 24 hours painting something you won't like.

• If you want something that breaks my commissions rules, add +10 points (for porn and other 'forbidden' stuff^^)

NB : if you want a wallpaper, don't forget to tell me your screen size / resolution.
I can make digital and traditional tutorials.
give me a picture/example of what you'd like to draw, I'll explain it step by step like this : Tuto : how to draw a rock (+light/shadows tips) by spinoza1996


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Natal-ee-a Featured By Owner 12 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
Hey, thanks for the llama.
Gave one in return for your stunning gallery. Beautiful work!
spinoza1996 Featured By Owner 10 hours ago  Professional General Artist
thanks you, man! and you're welcome ;)
missnene1 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hey guess what?
spinoza1996 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Professional General Artist
mmh? what ? :D
missnene1 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's Arc birthday today!
spinoza1996 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Professional General Artist
siriusly? now? 
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immapyrokittie Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Can I order...everything?? QwQ
(I'm being serious. I was going g to start using your widgets but didn't want to spam you)
spinoza1996 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional General Artist
you can order anything, using the widgets^^
but for now commissions are closed, so I'll start reading commissions messages after I re-open them :)
how many commissions do you want? 
if you want more than one commission, be sure you don't ask me twice the same subject, I won't do the same topic more than once ^^
Camthi Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Thanks for the Llama! ^.~
spinoza1996 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional General Artist
you're welcome ! :D
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