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August 31, 2013
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where have you gone my soul? ( Contest 2013 ) by spinoza1996 where have you gone my soul? ( Contest 2013 ) by spinoza1996
nickname : corpswar
real name : ???
Species ( before ) : Setharian native ( humanoid form )
species ( now ) : Half-zombified setharian
home planet : Setharey
side ( now ) : Dark/insane
affiliates : Zombies
Abilities ( now ) : zombie abilities - intelligence - fastness - cold/heat resistant.

Corpswar is the name his congeners gave him. it comes from the two words "corpse" and "war" because he triggered the last war. the Zombie apocalypse. No one remembers what was his name before.

They always considered him as a curse for every planet he visited.
They never wondered if he ever had a soul or loved anyone.
according to everyone, he is the creator of zombie virus, so he IS evil.
you'll never see him cry or repent but laughing of his frightful laugher, that everybody takes for an expression of his inherent evil nature.
But for those who really knew him, this laugh sounds like insanity and disillusionment.

want to hear his story?

On a planet for from Earth, Corpswar was a famous scientist, esteemed and loved by his congeners. He had contributed to upgrade technology and ameliorate people's life on his home planet and neighboring worlds. he was working in a small lab in the big city of Noirm. His beloved wife, Ogarey, was also one of his colleagues. He worked on viruses an vaccines, she worked on DNA and cells. Corpswar was known because of some essential vaccines he created.
For some reasons, he kept a copy of each virus, bacteria and vaccine he worked on in sealed test tubes. For example, the Zombie Virus ( he worked on secretly ) was in the 113th tube, and its vaccine was in the 117th one. He was the only one to know which virus belonged to which tube.

his life seemed to be perfect until he made a mistake that would destroy his entire work and life.

Ogarey was working on a bacteria that could replace phagocytes in blood. she wanted to test the sample n°130 on a mouse. Corpswar was in front of the bacteria stockpile, so she asked him for a copy of her bacteria. Guess what? By mistake, he gave her the 113th tube. She injected unconsciously the virus to her mouse. The small animal started to act insane, screaming to death. Its eyes turned to a livid color, its fur bristled. Within ten seconds, the mouse was zombified. Ogarey who had never seen a zombie before, thought the animal was having a seizure and tried to isolate the mouse from other ones. The zombified mouse bit Ogarey's hand, and within 30 seconds there was no more Ogarey.

Corpswar heard a strange noise from his wife's lab. What was that? He came into the room and saw her. Livid eyes and drooling mouth. A zombie. The scientist immediately understood “I gave her the 113th ?!” he ran back to his own lab, climb into the stockpile room. Zombified Ogarey hunts him down. He has no time. He musts get the vaccine for himself and Ogarey. He is pretty sure that this vaccine can't cure someone who's already infected, but wants to try anyway. Corpswar injects half of the 117th tube content into his arm, and keeps the remaining for his wife. Hidden behind a desk, he hears an inhuman groan.

She is here.

Corpswar jumps out of his cache, a needle in his left hand. Z-Ogarey turns toward him and punches him in the face, making him fall flat on his face under a window. The creature, much more stronger and faster than the woman he used to know, immobilized him and starting eat his right arm. Corpswar was immune to the Virus, but he still felt pain. An agonizing pain that made him scream. The zombie was tearing out his muscles. In desperation, he planted the needle into the beast's neck. The zombie didn't react, like if it didn't even notice it. Corpswar kicked the monster his wife became and released himself. He got up, the zombie did the same. It stared at Corpswar a few seconds, growling low. Hot blood was flowing from Corpswar's arm, but he stood firm. He knew he could beat this zombie and stop this nightmare before it's too late.

The scientist thought that the zombie would try to attack him again and mentally prepare for attack. But Ogarey didn't. A zombie is intelligent enough to know when an adversary is stronger than it. Suddenly, Z-Ogarey ran to the window, pushed corpswar outside its path and jumped out. Corpswar's head hit the desk corner, he lost consciousness.

Some hours later, Corpswar woke up surrounded by a puddle of his own blood, alone. Pieces of the broken window hurted his hands as he tried to wake up. half conscious, he went to the window and looked for his wife's body, or a policeman, or anything that could prove that Ogarey couldn't hurt people anymore. He only saw pieces of the window's silicium and blood specks. There were no more spaceships in the sky, but only a huge hologram which transmitted a message from the city's government : “an unknown illness infects a part of Noirm people. Everyone must leave the city using spaceships, shuttle service or underground private transportation network. Avoid walking in streets or crowded areas.” Some other warnings and instructions were displayed on the holographic sky.

Corpswar stared at the huge screen, unbilieving. All was his fault. That was so stupid. That was a nightmare. It had to be a nightmare. Corpswar stared at his timepiece. He had been unconscious for seven hours. Within 10 seconds, a mouse is zombified. Within 30 seconds, a Setharian becomes a walking corpse. Within 7 hours, a city is devastated by the epidemic. How long will it take to desolate the planet? Corpswar looked for the copy of the vaccine he made, but the tube was now empty. On his computer he searched data he had registered about the 113th and 117th tubes content. The creator of zombie virus found that the zombie virus’s strain could mutate. Dammit ! He musts find a cure and only has a few week to find it. He worked on days and nights, but each time he found an efficient cure, the virus was mutating. At the outbreak, there was one strain, one type of zombie virus. But some month later, it had mutated in ten or twenty different strains. That was too much for a lonely scientist, hidden in his small lab. Corpswar was hiding from his colleagues, who actually were growling and drooling corpses, seeking for flesh in the first floor of the building.

Three month after the break out, in the middle of winter corpswar had spent all his foodstuff, but didn't feel really hungry. His body became skinnier, his skin turned to a pale color. He felt sick. His eyes couldn't see well. The vaccine was in fact another virus, more powerful than the zombie virus, but much slower. Corpswar understood why Ogarey didn't kill him : as the virus 117 was spreading into his blood, he was becoming stronger and Ogarey could feel it. But now? Maybe the virus 117 had made her become stronger too? Corpswar worried a lot. He feared that the virus 117 had made Ogarey and others zombies stronger than him. He needed to find food, and was not sure that others zombies would be scared of him or would just jump on him, tear out his guts and eat all his flesh.

Corpswar have had time to study their behavior : when they are in a group, they can assault people they wouldn't attack if they were in a single combat. They run slower when it is cold. They don't know how to dress themselves. They never look down to their feet. They have a bad vision, but a good sense of smell. They can recognize different strain of the Virus : you'll always see zombies of the same strain walk together, and try to attack zombies of a weaker strain. They hunt every type of animals, including zombies, except zombies with the same type of virus as them. Fortunately Corpswar's colleagues had been infected by a quite weak strain of the virus. Unfortunately, Corpswar had many colleagues. He turned air conditioning to a (very very) low temperature, put all the clothing he could find, and waited . He wasn't thinking about his mistakes anymore. Now he had a goal : get out of this lab, and survive. He waited a few days, until he saw a glass of water freezing. He woke up and went downstairs. Around 40 zombies were waiting, half frozen. Corpswar crossed the hall. His ex-colleagues didn't even growl after him. They were half-conscious, and apparently, they felt that they'd better not to bother this powerful and mysterious half zombie.

He came out.

after that, his need to survive became an obsession, and his obsession became insanity. He quickly noticed that 117th virus hadn't made other zombies stronger. Some of them wanted to attack him. He was faster and stronger than them.

Some days after, he noticed something else about their behavior : zombies remember when they've been beaten, and they can share informations to other zombies, using an unknown method of communication.
Thereby, as Corpswar walked in streets, zombies let him go. They where scared of him and that entertained him very much. He didn't need to fight for his life anymore, and his life had no goal. Zombies couldn't become civilized. Corpswar started act strange. He was having fun in watching zombie fights, and liked to walk down a street, just to kill as many zombie he could, and come back to the lab late at night exhausted. He created other chimic materials that could make him stronger and more clever.

Twenty years later, Corpswar had travelled near everywhere on Setharey, and discovered a place where Setharians weren't zombified. On this walled island, people were still trading with the rest of the galaxy. Wounds in corpswar's soul stared bleeding again. He still was Setharian... at least, wasn't entirely zombified... would his congeners accept him to live on their island, like a average setharian? Obviously not. Corpswar wished that he had been completely zombified so he couldn't feel sorrow.

Thinking alone in the dark, he ends imaginating that everyone on this island knew that he created the zombie virus and wanted him to suffer and die. He thought he had suffered enough, losing his wife first. He wanted them to suffer the same. Twice, no a hundred time he suffered. And people weren't so different than zombies. In groups they were bothering people who were different than themselves. Alone, they were scared. They always tried to become stronger and to “eat” weaker people. That was what Corpswar was thinking.
He started to hate Island people and wanted to fight them, before they try to attack him. Obviously, this people didn't even know who triggered the apocalypse, neither who was about to
assault them. Until Corpswar hacked the island television network and made an announcement :

“ I am not scared of you, guys. I triggered this apocalypseand you want me dead.I can understand that, but I have suffered as much as you. I am ready to fight you if necessary. During years, I worked for you people. I worked to cure you, to change your lives for the better. I know each of your ways to defend yourselves and I know how to hack every spintronic* system on your computers. Be ready. I may destroy you if attack me”

Setharey and Olmand were allied planets. Olmand's government sent 120 official spaceships to repatriate the last Setharian to a new homeworld. They decided that a war against Corpswar and his zombies was not feasible. Setharey has been quarantined, and no one heard about Corpswar after that.
No one, excepting the 113th spacecraft pilot, who had been told that an unknown creature had entered the vehicle...


I created corpswar. you can find him here…
firsty, I had made him interact with some creepypasta characters, but he doesn't belong to creepypasta universe ( he's just a zombie, nothing else )
originally, I imaginated that had the power to control rocks, but I finally decided that he'd be more interesting as a psychopathic zombie^^
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StatsMann Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Totally worth the read, appart from some typos here and there, the story was epic.
spinoza1996 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014  Professional General Artist
thank you so much ! 

there are not many people who actually read the whole story^^

thanks for commenting ! :iconbigsmileplz:
for the typos, errr, I'm actually learning english in school, and I'm sorry if I still make mistakes :)
bieber90pink Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This is awesome! Congrats on winning the Grand Prize!
spinoza1996 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013  Professional General Artist
thank you for this comment :D
bieber90pink Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
your welcome!
Charmed-Ravenclaw Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Whoa. Excellent concept man!
spinoza1996 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013  Professional General Artist
ghehe... thank you bro :iconbrohugplz:
rydi1689 Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is your OC based or related to Slenderman?
spinoza1996 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013  Professional General Artist
as you can see in this drawing's description…, I firstly created Corpswar as a Slender related Oc, but on this one…, he is a half-zombified alien who has taken some DNA to other species to become stronger.
I entirely created the universe he comes from before going to Earth. he has always been a scientist, but now we know How he becomes a monster. notice that this Oc has been created on april 4th ( as you can see here :… ) only the planet he comes from has been created after ( mentioned on the "freaky corpswar" drawing ). basically, corpswar is an extra-terrestrial. but after he left his planet, we can make him interact with any species/other peoples Oc's/universes. As you saw, I'm a creepypasta fan, so I 
He still has a face, but he hides it under this zombie-skin-made coat ( Yeh, I know, his coat has a very ugly color ).
rydi1689 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You must guarantee that your character is not currently related to slenderman or its universe, because you were awarded Grand Prize and if your character turns out to be a fan character, we'll have to take back the prize ^^;
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